Our team is always striving to provide the best support to help you with any questions related to conference attendance and to make information more transparent and instantly accessible, we've started gathering most frequently asked questions on the page below.

If you can't find an answer to your question below – contact us via [email protected].

About ML conf. EU 2020

  • What does the conference consist of?

    • 2-day conference with 1 track each day. Take a look at the schedule: mlconf.eu
    • Workshops around the main conference days
    • Managed Q&A sessions after each talk
    • Speakers individual zoom rooms
    • Discussion rooms focusing on multiple tech topics
    • Discord for networking and questions to speakers
    • Networking party at Spatial.chat on Nov 5


  • What activities I can participate in with my ticket?

    Such types of tickets as Full access, Full access team tickets provide access to all the conference activities on Nov 5 & 6.

    With Watch-only tickets you have access to talks on Nov 5 only.

Actions with tickets

  • I’d like to buy a ticket. Can you issue an invoice for my order?

    Yes, it is possible to pay via invoice. Please, send your company details to [email protected] and we will issue it for you:

    • company name
    • company address
    • VAT number
    • number and type of tickets
  • If I can’t attend the conference, can I give the ticket to my friend/colleague?

    Yes, you can give the ticket to another person. Just contact us at [email protected] with the following info:

    • your ticket order reference
    • full name of a person who will attend the event instead of you
    • email address of this person


  • Where can I find the full schedule?

    The full schedule can be found here: mlconf.eu

    During the stream on Nov 5-6 it'll be placed on the timeline under the player on the streaming page.

  • What is the timing of the conference?

    ML conf. EU will run on Nov 5-6 at 4pm CET, until around 9pm CET (core part).

    The virtual party networking will be held on Nov 5 after the talks.

Organisational info

  • Where can I find all logistics and organisational information on how to connect, what the exact schedule is, etc.?

    You will get an email with all the information you’ll need at the conference about 5-3 days before the event & we'll duplicate the message on the day of the conference before the stream.

    If you didn't receive the email, please check your spam folder.

    And if you still haven't found the email, please contact us via [email protected].


  • Will I receive the workshop recordings and when?

    The recordings will be sent to your email you've registered with on Nov 12-13.

    Please note the recordings are available for those who have tickets with full access to all the conference activities.

Details about conference activities

  • What are the Managed Q&A sessions after each talk?

    It’s a 15 minutes session right after each talk when MC picks questions from the audience from Discord and asks them to the speaker.

  • How can I ask questions to the speakers during Managed Q&A?

    All the questions can be asked via Discord channel #ml-qna.

    The access link to Discord you will get via email.

  • What are the Speakers individual rooms?

    It’s a virtual discussion room with a speaker that will be open after each managed Q&A session.

    Available for paid ticket holders only.

  • What are the Discussion Rooms focusing on multiple tech topics?

    During the day there will be a number of discussion rooms where participants can chat, share experience and knowledge on multiple tech topics. Each room will be active for ~30 min.

    Available for paid ticket holders only.